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Management Services

Getting started

If you are not currently under contract with another property management company we can begin right away. If you are currently under contract you will need to terminate their services according to your agreement with them. We are happy to pick up keys, security deposits and necessary documents from the discontinued company. At your request we will mail or email you a complete start up package or you may click here to download the property management agreement. Once you have completed all necessary forms and returned those to us we will get started. If the home is vacant we will need a copy of your landlord tenant insurance policy for our records.

Screening tenants

We want good tenants as much as you do, it makes our job that much more pleasant. It is our goal to obtain the highest qualified tenants. We have defined a preferred tenant profile based on credit, employment and rental or ownership history. A conscientious review of applicants’ current credit report will assure owner of timely rental payments. Verifying employment will assure owner that the tenant has means to pay the rent. Talking with current and past landlords will assure owner that tenants will maintain the property. We make copies of all identification at time of application. Yoshida Realty Group is a fair housing advocate and does not discriminate against any applicant or tenant based on race, creed, color, religion, national origin, handicap or familial status.

Yoshida Realty Group has its own four page Addendum to the rental agreement computerized for personalization, which is a compilation of additional clauses for the protection of the owner. As most owners will agree we prefer securing a one-year lease, minimum of six months is requested unless the property is for sale. To begin the lease tenants are invited to our office for a complete explanation of the lease and to sign. The extra time we spend with the tenants explaining the terms of the lease has great pay offs. It substantially reduces misunderstandings during the term of the contract. It also gives us a chance to answer questions and concerns and to begin the landlord tenant relationship. Starting off on the right foot is very important to us.

Security Deposits

As additional protection for you we require the full security deposits in the form of certified funds before a property can be fully taken off the market. Security Deposits are based on the monthly rent. We offer all deposits as refundable, encouraging tenants to leave the property in good condition rather than taking additional time making repairs and cleaning preparing the property to re-rent. Complete instructions to the tenant are included in the lease, instructing them on proper procedure for receiving a full security deposit refund, within 14 days after move out as per Hawaii law. Proper notice and completion of lease term is a must to receiving security deposit refund. Cleaning, including appliances, floors, walls, yard and carpets professionally cleaned are required minimum to prevent deductions from deposits. We will compare condition at move out to move in inspection sheet (Inventory and Condition Form) to determine all costs necessary to rectify any damages to property. A complete Security Deposit disposition report will be completed and forwarded to tenant within fourteen days of move out.

Collecting Rents

Rents are due on the 1st day of each and every month. We allow a grace period until the 3rd. Eviction proceedings begin no later than the 10th of each month. After the eviction process has been begun rents must be paid with certified funds, no personal checks are accepted.

Tenant Retention

Our most challenging job as a manager is not managing the property but managing the residents. Good tenants are the key element to any successful rental property investment. Keeping tenants happy to insure the longevity of the tenants’ occupancy is critical. Friendly staff, availability and quick response to questions and maintenance request will satisfy a resident more than anything else we can do for them.


We understand your need as a landlord to be kept abreast of property condition both physically and financially. We will contact you per our management agreement if there are any repairs exceeding $250. On emergency maintenance we will use our best judgment on making repairs over the specified authorization amount. Emergency maintenance includes but is not limited to loss of air or heat, water damage, main drain stoppage or electrical problems. Most emergency repairs can be fixed at the time of service call; some require later bids and replacements such as heating systems. Over time we have assembled an excellent array of reasonably priced honest maintenance technicians for every area of repair your property may need. Prompt attention to maintenance items keeps tenants smiling and prevents minor problems from turning into high dollar repairs later. Per the lease agreement the tenant is responsible for any maintenance that is caused by them or their guests.


At the time of move in and move out there is a complete written inspection of the property. We perform a full walk-through of the property to ensure that routine maintenance is carried out as recommended for a home. In addition to driving by the property for exterior inspections during the term of the rental agreement, we have a complete interior inspection done bi-annually each and every year during the term of the lease. This includes photographs inside and out, with an inspection sheet of inspectors comments. Inspections may also be done on request.

Financial Statements

Our desire is to create a clear audit trail off all funds pertaining to each property. All funds are held in a Hawaii State Trust Account per Hawaii law. An operating statement will be sent to you each month along with the rent check. If you choose to have us directly deposit into your local bank account we will need a copy of your deposit slip. You will then receive just the operating statement. Our statements are easy to read and understand this really simplifies tax reporting at the end of the year. Our service includes paying expenses you have on the property such as maintenance and repair bills when applicable. Copies of all invoices paid will be attached to the monthly statement. Occasionally a statement will be held for a few days because of a late rent payment in order to send you your full monthly rent proceeds.